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Tax Payers Rush To Beat Deadline

Folks filing their Federal Income Taxes or extensions had to have them post marked by 11:59 p.m. Tuesday night.  The deadline had Post Offices across the country and here on the South Plains open late.

By 10:00 p.m. a steady stream of cars drove in and out of Monterey Station at 50th and Gary in Lubbock.  It was one of the places where folks could still mail their taxes before the deadline.  This year, people also had to consider their economic stimulus check.  It depends on folks getting their taxes filed and getting them filed on time.

A post mark, usually the time it's placed on an envelope isn't very important. On April 15th, it made all the difference.

"Last year my father did it, so this was my first time," Alex Baughman said. 

He shared in the stamp experience for the first time Tuesday.

"I went to go mail it at the student union building, but it was already closed, and they directed me here," Baughman said. 

"I'm never in a hurry, because I owe money.  "If I were getting a refund, it would have been different," Cornell Cooper said. 

For Cooper, the stamp is an old friend.

"When it comes to the last day, I procrastinate right until the last day. I've always done it.  It's pretty much a ritual," Cooper said. 

With his return handed in, the ritual continued for Cooper.  For Baughman, Tuesday could be the start of his own tax tradition.

"I actually had to have my dad remind me today on the phone to come do this. Thanks dad," Baughman said. 

Monterey Station stayed open until midnight Tuesday. So did the collection station at 1515 Crickets Avenue.

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