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The Wallet Pix Digital Photo Album: Does It Work?

The Wallet Pix is a portable digital photo album. It's so small, it can fit in your hand. The makers made this gadget so you can carry up to 58 photos with you at all times. This little guy has a big price tag of $30, but Does It Work?   

Three watch batteries run the Wallet Pix and it's got a cool little stand to prop up the Wallet Pix on a flat surface.  The instructions teach you how to upload photos from your computer and into the Wallet Pix.  All you do is plug in the USB cord it comes with into your computer and you're ready to go.  

Using the Wallet Pix was easy. All you do is select the photos you want from your computer and select the "add image."  It makes a list of all the photos you want to load onto the Wallet Pix.

You can even crop the photos before loading them onto the Wallet Pix.  All you do is drag the dotted line to where you want to crop the photo and that's it. 

You can fast forward through the pictures and go back.  It also allows you to delete the photos very quickly in one swoop!   So, Does It Work?  I think it does!

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