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Babies Love Disco

With his spiked hair and cool threads, baby Lucas is ready to hit the dance floor. He's got plenty of dance partners to choose from -- about 500 other kids.

They're pouring into Avalon Night Club in Santa Clara, California and they're not even getting carded.

It's called Baby Loves Disco, an afternoon dance party held every few months at select nightclubs in the Bay area and throughout the nation. A place where DJ's mix it up, and the kids show off their best moves.

Oh yeah and moms and dad get down to some familiar hits of the 70's and 80's.

"It's very good," said one mom. "I love the music... just my era."

It costs about fifteen bucks to get in, and the kids even get to enjoy some bubbly. Relax, it's the non alcoholic kind.

"Who doesn't want to boogie with their baby on the dance floor?" said Jessica Bull. "You've got the egg shakers going. You've got a live DJ and MC and healthy snacks and it's just another way to hang out with your kid and get out of the playground circuit."

There's no age limit. And all this boogieing practically guarantees parents a quiet night afterward.

"It's a good way to wear the kids out," said another mom. 

From twirling couples, to some funky freestyle, to kids "hooping" it up -- Baby Loves Disco offers parents some fun flashbacks and time to bond with their kids.

"Something different. She loves music. I love music, so it's great to be around other kids," said Megan Donahue, another parent. 

So Mom and Dad, next time you can't get a sitter, remember you can always shake your bootie with your baby in booties.

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