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Texas Tech Professors Vs. University Chancellor

A group of Texas Tech professors, the "Horn Professors," is raising concerns about the chancellor's vision for the future of the university. In a letter to Chancellor Kent Hance, the professors cite several issues:

  • Increasing student enrollment
  • Professor classroom teaching hours
  • And whether the university will be known as an academic school or a research school.

And these professors say scholarly activities, like research are more important. 

Wednesday we sat down with Chancellor Hance to clear up some of what he calls the mis-information that he believes prompted the letter.

"There's several priorities I have and that is to grow the university to 40,000 by the year 2020, to increase research money that we have from the state and also to get more students scholarships," Hance said.

"The more students you have, the more money you get from the state of Texas so we're going to increase our funding," Hance added.

Despite that, the Horn professors say the average SAT score among incoming students has dropped. And that, along with other issues like low academic performance could deter from the long term growth of Texas Tech. But chancellor Hance sees it differently. In fact he believes growth will benefit even the professors.

"We'll have to higher quite a few more faculty members but as we grow we have more money to higher those individuals," Hance said.

Another issue outlined in the letter is if there are more students the professors would have to spend more time in the classroom teaching - time they say could be spent researching and sticking to more "scholarly activities."

"This is not something that should be a war. This is something we should be trying to work together to cut costs and be the most cost effective university in the state of Texas," Hance said.

The chancellor says increased hours in the classroom could affect more than just academic faculty. Hance himself teaches classes and will be affected by the changes he wants to put into effect. Changes he believes will only benefit the university as a whole for years to come.


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