New Study Raises Awareness of Troops' Mental Health - KCBD NewsChannel 11 Lubbock


New Study Raises Awareness of Troops' Mental Health

Almost 1.6 million troops have cycled through the war on terror and a new study by the non-profit Rand Corporation shows one in five are coming home with depression, post traumatic stress, or a brain injury.

Colonel Laurie Sutton, Rand Corporation spokesperson, says, "I think you'll agree with us that the time is now for little less talk and a lot more action - to identify those gaps in our knowledge that we really need to understand better, as well as to connect to our service members and their families wherever they may be across the country."

The military is calling for a collective effort nationwide to get the word out to soldiers that it's okay to talk about mental issues. Otherwise, there could be consequences later for them and the country.

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