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Terry County Residents Learn About Alcohol Petition

Terry County residents filled Brownfield City Hall Thursday evening, to learn more about a new alcohol petition circulating through the area.

"People, they go up to Lubbock, they eat dinner up there. They have a drink, or not, but when they're up there, they're also going to United, going to Wal-Mart, and everything else. They could be doing that here, and what prompts them to go up there is because they want to eat at an establishment where they can have a drink," petition organizer Kathryn Caswell said. 

Caswell says alcohol sales could boost the Brownfield economy. She also says it can benefit the growing wine industry.

Some people at Thursday's meeting agreed, Others say the possible economic benefits aren't worth it.

"I believe that Terry County can very definitely use that revenue," Jackie McClanahan said. 

"Are we willing to say to our children for $20,000 we're going to make beer and wine available to adults. Now, you guys don't drink it, but it's here close by," Jack Cargill said. 

The alcohol petition is for all of Terry County. If passed, it would allow voters to decide on beer and wine sales at both stores and restaurants.  888 signatures are needed to put the alcohol measure to a vote, and organizers have until early June to get those signatures.

Brownfield city leaders say they'll host at least one other meeting to discuss the issue.  NewsChannel 11 will let you know when that meeting is scheduled.

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