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Canada Bans Baby Bottles Containing BPA

Canadian health officials are taking a bold stand on plastics that contain BPA. Friday, officials said that they are banning the import, sale, and advertising of baby bottles that contain Bisphenol-A. The ban affects only baby bottles, not plastic food containers which may also contain BPA.

BPA is a synthetic chemical compound found in some hard, clear plastics and resins such as food and drink containers, compact discs, electronics and the liners in many metal cans.

Tony Clement, Canadian Health Minister, says, "Canada will be the first country in the world to take such action to limit exposures to Bisphenol-A and I am convinced that the precautionary actions our government is taking, are prudent and make good public health sense."

The Canadian Health Minister is advising that people use glass baby bottles or other bottles with disposable liners, saying that they are safer alternatives.

Even with all the bad press, the plastics industry has vigorously defended the chemical- noting that it has been widely used for 50 years.

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