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Lubbock Goes Green

Earth Day is this Tuesday so The United Market Street on 98th and Quaker and many other Lubbock businesses are taking an active role to educate. Market Street's slogan says, "Living well means a better world," and with that idea in mind, United hosted a "Living Well Expo" to celebrate Earth Day and organics.

"They're important for your own health. You know, the body's natural. The body was made to intake natural products," said Ashley Howell, Organic Food Vendor.

"It all falls into our role of living well and living well means everything from feeding your body well to taking care of environment, living in a good place," said Michelle Owens with United.

The "Living Well Expo" is designed to show just how easy it is to live a "green" life style in every part of your life. From the soil you use to plant flowers, to the pasta and sauce you use at dinner time, to the syrup and cereal at breakfast, going green is the theme, and shoppers we talked to say despite the cost, it's too important not to forget the health benefits of organics.

"What scares me are the chemicals that you'd be putting in your body if you're not paying that extra buck for the organic food," said Howell.

"If she's going to put it into her body I want it to be good," said mother Natasha Webb in reference to her daughter. Webb and her daughter found a tasty treat, organic pop-tarts!

"They were delicious and like I said, we love organic foods and we're very health oriented," added Webb.

While for Ashley Howell, organic foods are her job. She's a vendor selling raw honey. But organic or clean foods are more than just a job. She's a mom as well.  "Giving kids natural foods, whole foods, organic foods is extremely important for the health of them right now and for when they become adults," said Howell.

So this earth day supporters say go green, make a change to live a better life.

"We're doing our part to bring people in to just show them how easy it is to live naturally, organically and kind of take care of the planet at the same time," added Owens.

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