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Consider This... If You're Against the Visitor's Center, You're Wrong!

Mayor David Miller Mayor David Miller

It seems the controversial visitor's center is on the city agenda again.

This week councilman Todd Klein will try to nix the whole project. I think he knows he doesn't have the votes, but now both sides will be publicly debated again, and that's not all bad.

I recently attended an event where I heard Mayor David Miller say that if you disagree with the visitor's center, you were one of two kinds of people. You were either uneducated and uniformed or you were a cave person, which is an acronym for Citizens Against Virtually Everything. These are not my words; they were the words of Mayor Miller.

Now I have been critical of the visitor's center in the past for one reason - a reason that doesn't make me completely against it. I have a problem spending $7 million of tax money on this kind of project when there are better ideas as to how we could get a better return on our investment and spend less money.

And whoever said that hotel-motel tax doesn't belong to the citizens, needs to go back and read the law. There's a reason why the city council, elected by you and me, gets to decide how that money is spent, because it's our money paid for by visitors to our city.

So consider this, whether you are for or against the visitors center, it is just plain offensive to make blanket negative statements to describe people who may disagree with you as uneducated, uninformed, or cave people against everything.

The mayor should be open to all citizens concerns and I would encourage you to do your own research and form your own opinion and let our city leaders know what you think.

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