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Viewer Response to Consider This on If You're Against the Visitor's Center, You're Wrong!

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I agree with Mr. Klein that the money would be better spent designing and maintaining a website for tourism. Internet use is widespread in planning vacations and conventions.  A tourist would already have to BE in Lubbock before utilizing the tourist center.  A website could attract people to come to Lubbock and they would already know what there is to do and have it planned by the time they arrive here.

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This issue is comparable to the red light issue about one and one half years ago where Gary Boren and John Leonard were to present a resolution calling for an indefinite hold on installing the red light cameras. They were criticized and chastised for their minority view. But as it turned out, their minority view was correct. The majority wanted to proceed with the red light camera installation which turned out to be a total failure.

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Dan, As usual, your commentary is right on.  I've been labeled a CAVE person for many years by the cheerleaders for every tax and spend scheme.  Does anyone have an audio tape of the mayor's arrogant comments? 

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Well, plain and simple Mayor Miller is smarter and better than the rest of lubbock citizens.
i don't have a college degree, but i do have common sense. Mayor Miller's comments about the people that disagree with him is just plain ego. Different opinions is how great ideas come about. This is american and we each have a right to our opinion and i our own ideas, but it dang sure don't make us stupid just because we have different opinions. We to get Mr. i know it all and follow me blindly out of office and better out of Lubbock.
Thanks for doing the consider this spot. i don't always agree with you, but in many cases i learn something or it makes me think about it in a different way. its a good spot keep up the good work.

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I am totally against spending that much money on a Visitor's Center. I cannot recall one City I have been to that I went directly to the Visitor's Center for any reason. I applaud Todd Klein & John Leonard for their efforts to listen to the Citizens of Lubbock. By the way, I am not a cave person or uneducated. Thank you for your time.

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You asked for our opinion on the controversial Visitors Center.  My husband and I have traveled extensively the past 25 years visiting cities and countries all over the world. We do not drive around cities looking for a Visitors Center.  We get our information from guidebooks, the internet, and brochures in the hotels.  Hawaii has racks in their airports with many kinds of brochures that you can pick up and get information on everything from restaurants and sightseeing to driving maps.  The airport is a great place to have  this.  

I am totally against spending millions on a building when all people really want is the information.   A  manned tourist counter in a noticeable area of the airport would reach a large number of visitors in a far less expensive way. Also, a kiosk in the mall might be an additional location.

As for Mayor Miller's  description of people who are against this, I have a Bachelors degree in business from Texas Tech and I am certainly not against everything, but I am against this-it is a waste of a large amount of money that could be put to better use elsewhere.

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This time he has made me mad...our esteemed mayor has now declared anyone in town opposing the spending of $7.0 million on the visitor's center as "uneducated, uninformed or a cave person." The audacity of this individual to negatively characterize anyone who disagrees with his pet projects is beyond the pale. I am neither uneducated (I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas Tech University), uninformed (thanks, in part, to your fine newscast) or a CAVE person (Citizen Against Virtually Everything). As someone that makes his living promoting the city of Lubbock every day and owns another business (Baskin-Robbins franchisee) that is partially dependent on visitor dollars, I find it offensive that I am negatively characterized by this man because I have strong objections to a project that will cost over $900 per sq. ft. to complete and is 20 years "behind the times." A portion of the money could be spent on developing a comprehensive web site for tourists (where most people get information on a potential visit to any city) and a professionally produced in-hotel room continuous loop video touting things for tourists to do in Lubbock (similar to the style playing on the television in your room at a resort or on a cruise ship). Perhaps a virtual visitor's kiosk at the airport might be in order.

Once these projects are completed, at a far lower cost than the proposed visitor's center, the funds can be spent on upgrades to the Civic Center, which seem to be needed. I would be in favor of these upgrades paid by the motel-hotel tax, thus reducing the amount of money that someone at the city will ask for in a future bond election.

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Personally, I believe these comments, "Mayor David Miller say that if you disagree with the visitor's center, you were one of two kinds of people. You were either uneducated and uniformed or you were a cave person, which is an acronym for Citizens Against Virtually Everything. These are not my words; they were the words of Mayor Miller." from KCBD article, "Consider This... If You're Against the Visitor's Center, You're Wrong!" are as elite and arrogant as Senator Obama's comments made in San Francisco about the hard working people in PA.

We need to stop thinking so highly of ourselves that we label and disregard another's feelings and opinions.

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Lubbock has a big issue with many children being abused physically and mentally. This is a major concern, for they are the future of Lubbock. Any money spent should be used towards finding ways we can start changing the futures of all the children who are and have been abused. It hurts to notice that the majority of our news is the topic of how an innocent child has been hurt.

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Right on, Dan. Now, two things.

Apparently the AJ has bought into his way of thinking, with today's advertorial for the VC. If we're against it, we're just nay-sayers.

And, this text is on Miller's own website: It is easy to understand why many people feel hopeless that nothing can be done about wasteful government spending. We accept that the people who benefit from that spending are just too powerful, connected and clever.

I know people who have sent e-mail after e-mail to our council members, ALL falling on deaf ears (except of course, for Klein and Leonard). And he wonders why we feel hopeless??

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It seems that has been the attitude of Mayor Miller from the beginning. If you do not agree with him you are against the progress of the City. I am of the  opinion the  cost should be  less than $7 million . We need  to look at some of the things that the City needs to do and maybe a little less of what "WE WANT".

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When my cousin from Germany came to visit Lubbock, we took him to the Buddy Holly Museum (across the street from the proposed Visitor's Center).  It was virtually empty.  Couldn't the city partner with the Buddy Holly Museum to make it also a Visitor's Center?  Then the city can promote the location and that might help the Museum.  I do not think that building the Visitor's Center will be beneficial.  I think the money should be used to begin repairs on the Civic Center.  I know that $7 million will only cover a fraction of the what needs to be repaired, but atleast it would  be a start.  I think building a Visitor's Center would be wasting money that could used in a more useful way.  The city has wants and needs.  A visitor center is just a "want".  Repairing the Civic Center is a "need".  If not repairing the Civic Center, there must be a better use of this money.  Could we use it to complete the project near the airport (Regis)?  The first impression when you drive away from the airport into Lubbock is not good...

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I just wanted to say what do you expect? First the Marsha Sharp Freeway, then red light cameras, can you say waste of taxpayer money! I can honestly say that in any city I have ever visited, I personally have never been to any visitor center. I would like to see this money spent on regular road maintenance. When is the last time Mayor Miller road down Slide, Quaker, Indiana, or University. Those streets could use some serious TLC. Those I visit every day/week. Just my opinion.

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I agree wholeheartedly with Dan Jackson.  I think he should run for mayor.

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Hey great work Dan. Keep leading the charge as I have on talk radio. I usually do not see your segment because I go to bed early however you are right on with this one. I will ask the Mayor to explain exactly what he means about the "cave" people during my debate with him and Tom Martin on the "Wade Wilkes Show" upcoming the 28th at 7am. I will probably use your story as a backdrop to that question.

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Arrogance. First, we learned of irresponsible spending at the federal level for all manner of projects.  Then the disdain of the time taxpayer's spend to earn tax money spread to the state level.. Now our own city daily informs the citizens of the need to increase this fee or that tax due to revenue shortfalls, while spending $900 per square foot on a building remodel .

When I am asked to vote for a bond proposal in the future, I am going to remember the arrogance displayed by this government that calls its taxpayers uneducated and uninformed.  But before voting on a future bond proposal, I am going to remember the city's actions when I vote in the May election. 

When will government learn.  When will the taxpayers learn.

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Clearly the mayor thinks we are a bunch of idiots that need to be cared for.

And he, being of higher pedigree and intelligence is just the man for the job.  It seems that that Mr. Miller believes we are here to support his ideas instead of him representing us.  He referred Tom Martin as a life long bureaucrat.  I would rather have a man that understands municipal government than an elitist businessman that has some agenda that comes before infrastructure.

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My goodness the vistor center cost sounds like  a golden parachute for someone $900 per sq. ft. geesh!

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Due to your last Consider This; I have absolutely reconsidered watching your news station. I have been a loyal audience for 21 years, but after your opinionated nature I will never watch News Channel 11 again. I was also wondering if you hold a position at City Council. Because if you thought you did, I was just wanting to inform you that you absolutely do not. I do not appreciate you completely degrading a valued and honest person. Maybe next time you want to degrade someone, be fully prepared to be responsible for your words. Don't you wonder what people would say about you? I can assure you that no one truly holds your opinions or comments highly. It is your job to report the facts in an unbiased manner, not to try to sell a position, opinion, or person. If you want people to start taking your comments to heart, be sure that your comments are not unbecoming and do not consist of degrading highly respected individuals. Make your comments more educational as opposed to stating your own personal thoughts. I am sure that you will read this and think to yourself that since I am taking the time to write this, then I must care about what you think. Don't kid yourself, I definitely do not. I am greatly disappointed that I will not be able to watch News Channel 11 anymore; I really like John, Abner, and Karen. Too bad you and your disgusting opinion will keep me away from watching.

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Hotel-motel tax is the visitor's money. Have we asked them how they want their money spent?  Or is it taxation without representation?

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I think we could use the Plains Capital Bank Center on 50th by Home Depot and use alot less of money for remodeling or we could try looking at alot of dead buissnesses buildings or keep looking for different empty buildings and try to cut the price tag wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down I think we all know that is way to much money we could add a pound there and make it more worth it or an animal shelter but 7 MILLION DOLLARS OUTRAGEOUS! we might as well send 100 people to who wants to be a millionare and raise money that way. I think Mayor Miller isn't looking at our perspective.

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Thank you Mr. Jackson for helping to keep the citizens informed in a professional manner.  You do a much better job of this than most media.

I really do not believe we have that many CAVEs.  What I do believe is that the majority of the Lubbock population is tired of funding ideas of council members so they can be in the minutes or on the news and have their 15 minutes of fame.  The citizens have reached deep to improve Lubbock.  Has our council not been hit by the prices in the grocery stores, the gas pumps and every service available?  If they haven't, then they are unlike us, who have gone back to work after retirement so we can buy those groceries.  We don't have funds to visit family in other states or take vacations.  Our life savings in those IRAs have taken a beating. 

Social Security is helpful, but how many who made six figures, lost your jobs at the age of 64 due to downsizing, can make it on $1900 a month?  What we thought would get us through our retirement years is dwindling rapidly.  We have cut out new clothes, dinners out, vacations away from home and just about every other luxury item.  Not exactly what we thought we had worked so hard and saved so long to "enjoy".  We are better off than alot of people and we count our blessings everyday.  We just really feel for the younger generation who spend every penny they earn and are losing their homes.

Enough of that. My question to you, Mr. Jackson, is:  Why aren't you running for mayor?  You would have our votes!!

Keep up the good work.  We look forward to every one of your "Consider This". Thanks!

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Mr. Jackson's comments were spot on.  The visitors center has been part of the Mayor and certain Councilperson's agenda for the obvious purpose of bringing patrons to the Depot District.  How on earth could a visitors center cost $7 million if that is it's only purpose.  If, say, a music venue was constructed as part of the project that furnished a place for concerts that then attracted patrons to that area, that would  be a misuse of public funds.  Who would that benefit? Councilman Klein had it right in the beginning.  The internet is the best way to reach and attract people to Lubbock.  That's the wave of the future (which Mayor Miller says is his driving focus - Lubbock's future).

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I believe that at least a portion of the money allotted for the visitors' center would be better spent on a really outstanding web site.  I know of few people who actually seek out a visitors' center when visiting a new city.  They have already checked out their destination via the Internet.  Also, why has not someone suggested a visitors' center being located in the Buddy Holley Center and using the remaining funds to update our convention center, which, hopefully, would bring additional visitors to Lubbock.  Six million dollars is a lot of money for a visitors' center in Lubbock.  It makes you wonder who really benefited from the purchase of the building in the Depot District.

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It will not matter if the entire population of Lubbock let the council members know that they don't want an expensive visitor center.  If the "elite four" want it, then it will be done.  They seem to think that the "regular" citizens of Lubbock do not have enough sense to know what we want or need.  They are arrogant and either are out of touch with the "regular" citizens, or they just plain don't care what we think about anything.  I tend to believe they don't care.  What a waste of money!  I never go to a visitor center - I either go online or get in touch with the Chamber of Commerce of the place we will be visiting.  I am not against a small inexpensive visitor center, but not for spending millions!

I also wish the council members would realize that their districts are still in the City of Lubbock!  And, I really resent the Mayor calling me names.

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Thank you Dan Jackson for your excellent editorial regarding the mayor's remarks about the citizens of Lubbock. I think the mayor needs to go back a few months ago to the biggest bond election in our history to see why the citizens are against virtually everything (at least those things coming from our current administration).  The bond election that they tried to pass was so filled with pork we could smell bacon just driving by city hall.  There was so much useless initiatives in that bond package, we threw the whole thing out. And he calls us uniformed and uneducated.  If we were uninformed and uneducated, we would have bought the entire package, hook, line and sinker. The mayor needs to go back to school and educate himself about people centered leadership.  I for one am looking forward to election day when us uneducated, uninformed CAVE people will be able to exercise our 'uninformed' opinion regarding the council and mayor at the voting booth.  I suspect he and many others in this administration will be history.
Thanks for your strong voice Mr. Jackson.

Consider This... If You're Against the Visitor's Center, You're Wrong!
NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson shares the comments Mayor David Miller made about folks who disagree with the proposed $7 million visitor's center.

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