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The Awesome Auger: Does It Work?

You get two size augers in your package. One is three inch and the other is four inch. We have flowers, a flower garden, and the Awesome Auger, but Does It Work?

First, you have to fasten it to the drill.  You do so like a drill bit.  Then, when you are ready, just stick the tip of the auger in the dirt and slowly press the trigger.  The directions say to do this to get used to the feeling.  But, the feeling I got was the cordless drill was not strong enough to handle digging through the dirt.  I switched to a drill with a cord, and this made all the difference.

I had to stop gawking at the auger and get to work.  I mean, this thing was tearing through the dirt.  It was digging holes like crazy.  The auger was unstoppable.  I dug 32 holes in about seven minutes.  It made planting flowers fast and easy. 

The Awesome Auger didn't have a problem digging up hard, dried up ground and the tree roots I came across were not a problem either. I was able to pull up weeds.  Well, it was more like shredding weeds.  Because in one touch of that trigger, the auger became the shredder. I was amazed to see it got it all, even the root.

I thought it did an awesome job.  The Awesome Auger works!

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