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City Council Banter And Recusal Talk

The banter over the new visitor center in Lubbock  was mostly between Councilman John Leonard, Mayor David Miller and City Attorney Anita Burgess with Councilman Todd Klein stepping in for a minute. Talk of the recusal flowed from the banter.

"I am for a visitors center. But my only problem is the price tag of this one," said Leonard.

"Thank you," said Mayor Miller.

"I'm not finished Mr. Mayor, I have one other question and thought we were in discussion right now...," said Leonard.

"Well I'd like to come back to you and give some other people a chance since you had a chance," replied the Mayor.

"Mr. Mayor I have a question. If' it's just one more questions I don't see it being a problem with it being said", said Councilman Todd Klein.

"what is your question," replied the Mayor."

"Ms. Jones are you planning on recusing from this vote?" asked Leonard.

"She did vote on it. It's my opinion that it is proper today and I will stand by that," added Anita Burgess.

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