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A Woman's Diet Can Determine Baby's Sex

Could what a woman eats around the time she conceives a baby help determine whether she'll have a boy or a girl?  The early evidence points to "yes". Although sex is genetically determined by the father, British researchers say that the mother's diet could encourage the development of one sex over the other.  

Specifically, researchers say they've found a link between the birth of sons and higher energy intake particularly eating a breakfast heavy on protein regularly around the time of conception.   Coincidentally, over the last 40 years, there's been a consistent drop in the number of boys born in the U.S, which researchers say coincides with an increase in families skipping breakfast and adding more fatty foods during the day.

Dr. Fiona Mathews, PhD., of Exeter University, says, "We know that in in-vitro fertilization male embryos are favored by having a high concentration of glucose around them, so it might in a natural diet if the woman for example, skipping breakfast, she may have very low blood sugar in the morning and that may be the reason why boy embryos are selected against." The study, by the Universities of Exeter and Oxford, appears in the Royal Society Journal of Biological Sciences .  


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