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HealthWise at 5 for 4.25

New Stem Cell Developments

It may be years until it benefits humans, but researchers say they've found a new way to make heart cells.  Researchers at the University of Toronto created three types of human heart muscle cells using embryonic stem cells. They primarily tested the cells under the microscope, but studies in mice found that the new cells actually improved heart function.

They also found that the cells did not stimulate tumor growth, which has been a common problem in similar studies. For now, scientists plan to only use these new heart cells for drug testing.

Orthokine® Therapy for Osteoarthritis

There's a new treatment for osteoarthritis and it's made partly from your own body.  Using Orthokine® Therapy, blood is taken from the patient's arm with a syringe containing glass beads. The beads induce blood cells to synthesize protective proteins that act against osteoarthritis.  After an incubation period, the protein rich serum is then separated from the blood and injected directly into the joint.

Orthokine® Therapy is currently only available in Europe but the company has filed for FDA approval in the US. 

Non- Contact Thermometer Makes Life Easier for Parents

A new non-contact thermometer might make it a lot easier to take your baby's temperature. Using infrared technology, the Thermofocus® 5-in-1 thermometer takes a baby's temperature in one second when simply pointed at the forehead.

In addition to body temperature, the thermometer is designed to read the temperature of baby's milk, food, room, and bath water.  The makers say this non-contact thermometer can even help detect circulatory problems, inflammation, and infection. 

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