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Testing For Heart Attacks Becomes Easier

Finding out whether someone is having a heart attack may someday be as easy as having a patient spit into a tube. 

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin are working on a device that is no bigger than a credit card and they say could spot a heart attack by using just a few drops of saliva. It's called a nanobiochip and this device is especially exciting for women, since women often have sneaky symptoms that can make it difficult to diagnose a heart attack.  The saliva test seeks out certain blood serum proteins that can spot heart trouble within minutes. 

Scientists predict that someday, we'll see the ano-biochip installed in ambulances, doctors' offices or anywhere else in the community, much like defibrillators.

For now though, the Nano-biochip is still in the testing stage at the University of Texas.   

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