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Students Speak Out Against Drunk Driving

Prom season is underway in the Lubbock area, and some students are speaking out against drinking and driving.

On Friday, the Teen Coalition Against Destructive Driving unveiled the Trailer of Life at Shallowater High School. Inside the trailer is the car Bryan Perry and Jackie Little were riding in when Gabriel Gonzales ran a red light and slammed into their car in August of 2006. Both were killed on impact.

However, after months of student hard work and thousands of dollars in grant money, the car where Jackie and Bryan died may help save other's lives.

"This is a called the Trailer of Life," President and Found of the Teen Coalition Against Destructive Driving Bryson McCarty said. 

The trailer is a mobile memorial to Jackie Little and Bryan Perry. Both were killed when Gabriel Gonzales struck their car at 19th and Indiana in August of 2006. The 34-year-old's blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit when he ran a red light.

Cpl. Tim Seeley investigated the scene. He said, "This is one of the most horrific traffic cases I've had to work."

During a school assembly at Shallowater High School, students heard from some affected by this wreck, including the families of those killed.

"August 28, 2006 was the most horrible day of my life because it ended two beautiful lives. It ended Brian Perry and Jackie Little," Gina Perry, Bryan's mother said.

District Attorney Matt Powell also addressed the school. He says, "Gonzales plead guilty to murder and will spend the next 50 years in prison thinking about that August night."

However, Powell says Gonzales is not a typical case.

"It's somebody who goes to a high school prom party and drinks and they kill somebody that's driving with them or they kill somebody on the road that's going home with them," said Powell.

So to prevent others from drinking driving, Bryson McCarty and the Teen Coalition Against Destructive Driving spent months transforming the trailer.

"You can look thought the car and see a lot of personal items and nobody can live through that. It does not matter if you are wearing a seat belt or anything. That's a preventable crime that nobody can live through," McCarty said.

"It's really touching, just the pain of Bryan Perry's mom. I didn't even know them," Bianca Ramirez, SHS student said.

"If that one kid picks up the phone and calls mom and dad and says come and get me, if just one kid will do that, than this trailer does everything it's meant to do," Perry said.

Lubbock Victims Assistant Services plans take the trailer to area high schools prior to graduation and community events such Fourth on Broadway.

To have the Trailer of Life come to your event, contact Lubbock Victims Assistant Services at 789-5857.

Gonzales Charged With Murder In Double Fatal Crash
For the first time in Lubbock County the District Attorney says a man accused in a fatal drunk driving crash is being charged with felony murder in the deaths of Bryan Perry and Jackie Little.

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