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New Skin Cancer Discovery

Melanoma accounts for about only 4% of skin cancer cases. But, the American Cancer Society says Melanoma is to blame for almost 80% of skin cancer deaths. So why is it that some cases of Melanoma just don't respond to treatment?

Scientists have discovered the same thing that protects the skin from cancer may also protect the cancer from medicine. Pigmented skin cells contain a gene that helps protect skin cells. But scientists at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston believe it is that same protective mechanism that can protect the cells from chemotherapy and radiation. The good news is that now they are working on ways to block that protective gene during cancer treatment.

Cancer experts say it is important to be aware of any abnormal moles that suddenly appear, or seemingly normal moles that change shape, color or size. The study was conducted by researchers at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and is reported in the June 14 issue of the Journal Cell.

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