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The Roll-A-Lotion: Does It Work?

Laura Henslee can't reach her back when she wants to put lotion on it.  She must put lotion on the back of her hand to rub it in and has to strain in order to do this.

"Have you ever seen this product before?" NewsChannel 11 asked her.  "No, I haven't," she responded.

This is called the Roll-A-Lotion. The name speaks for itself. It has 19 rolling balls on the applicator side of it, but here's how it works. You pour lotion inside the applicator's compartment and the lotion is supposed to work its way out of the balls and onto your skin.  Then you have this extra long handle for hard to reach places. It costs $10, but Does It Work?

We gave it to Laura to use.  "What does it feel like?" we asked her.  "It's cold, but I can feel the lotion," she said.

Laura was able to reach that spot on her back she had so much trouble reaching before. Then tester Cecelia Jones gave the Roll-A-Lotion a try.  Not just to see if it worked, but to see how it felt.

"Oh, I can feel the lotion," Cecelia said.  She was worried the Roll-A-Lotion wasn't going to rub in the lotion very well - but it did.  "You can see my arm is moist."

Laura gave this product another try - this time on her leg.   "Some people have a hard time bending over.  This would work for them," she said.

"So, what do you think?" Cecelia asked. "I think it works!" said Laura.

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