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PocketCPR Helps During Emergency

We all know that CPR saves lives, as do automated external defibrillators, or AEDs.  But what do you do if there is no AED available?  Some people believe a new pocket CPR device could be lifesaving in an emergency.  Like the AED, you simply turn on the device and it coaches you through the crisis.  And when this device is placed on the person's chest, it tells you if your chest compressions are hard enough during CPR.

Emergency Room Physician and Bio-Detek Advisor, Dr. David Barash, says, "One, it gives someone the confidence that they can do CPR, it coaches them while they do CPR and two, is it actually monitors their CPR so they're doing it effectively."

The device is made by Bio-Detek, a company that, for years, has made electrodes for AED's and EKG's.  PocketCPR has FDA clearance as an over the counter rescue device.  It sells for about $180.

For more information, visit www.pocketCPR.com or call (401) 729-1400.  PocketCPR is currently available through Zee Medical Corporation and can be ordered by calling 888-225-5933 toll-free.

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