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As Graduation Gets Closer, Are The Jobs There?

With just short of a week until Texas Tech's graduation, one study shows the job market, though slow for many Americans, is strong for these soon-to-be new entrants into the work force. But does that study hold true to most tech students?

A study was done by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, and it shows new college graduates are all but immune to that job market trend. In fact, the study shows employers are planning to hire 16% more college graduates in 2008 than they did in 2007.

So we wanted to see how that statistic stood up to three Texas Tech students chosen at random Sunday afternoon. We picked Adam, an Engineering major, Lisa a finance major and Kate a marketing major.

Adam Jones will graduate this weekend and his search for a job has been easy. "I have a decision between a couple of offers... I haven't decided yet but they've been coming at me left and right and I've boiled it down to two," Adam said.

College graduate's dream jobs are coming left and right, and for salaries that might shock you.

"I've been offered 65 and up already so I'm trying to figure out what I want to do more so than the pay. It hasn't really been a problem at all," Adam added.

But Lisa Hace, the finance major isn't having as much luck as Adam.

"It's been a little hard looking into the banking industry right now," Lisa said.

The luck Adam's seeing as an engineering major is far from the same for finance majors, Lisa says. "A lot of my friends are actually going into grad school to buy a little bit more time for the market," Lisa added. And Lisa too is looking into other options in the job market.

But marketing major Kate Reavis, is looking at other options."I'm still trying to find a job that appeals to me," Kate said.

In fact, Kate's taking another course of action aside from grad school or just forgetting her major all together. "I decided to do a work abroad program in England," Kate said.

That's right. Kate's headed across the pond with the hopes that with some international experience in her field, she'll be able to come back state side and land a good job.

So of those students we talked to it's the engineering students who are seeing the best of that 16% increase in new jobs for new college graduates. And the salaries are following those engineering students too. They're up 6.2% over this same time last year for new engineering graduates.

It all has to do with the baby-boomers leaving the work force. Companies are now looking for new college graduates to stand in and take over for the boomers. Jobs
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