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Lubbock City Council District Four Race Heats Up

The race for Lubbock City Council District 4 is heating up. This follows negative words both in the Mayoral and District 2 races and now it appears some of the candidates in District 4 will follow.

On a political mailer, next to the voter's address, it asks if they want real, honest and current experience. If so, vote Jerry Bell. Just below that the advertisement it asks if the voter wants negativity and divisiveness? If so, vote Paul Beane. The advertisement is funded by the Jerry Bell campaign.

Beane responded with a radio advertisement.

"One my opponents has turned the David Miller attack dogs loose on me and my 44 years of public service," Beane's political advertisement said.

NewsChannel 11 spoke with Beane on Monday. He said, "While he has called me a liar in his mailing piece and I've dismissed it, sometimes in West Texas a lot of men don't take kindly to that."

"The facts in the piece stand on their own merits. They're true. They're not negative; they're not intended to be negative. They're intended to give the voters information so they can educate themselves," Jerry Bell told NewsChannel 11 late Monday evening.

Beane told NewsChannel 11, "I was disappointed. I was hoping that the race for District 4 could avoid all this political rhetoric but apparently not."

Tom Keisling also hoped to keep the campaign clean. He is the third candidate running for the city council seat.

"I was very surprised with that. That is not something that was in my strategy. They didn't say anything about me," Keisling said.

Keisling says he plans to stay out the mudslinging and focus on issues that matter to voters.

"I want to focus more on core services, safety, water, sewer and roads," Keisling said.

Something Beane also sees as important.

"Must complete the Allen Henry Pipeline by 2012. No ifs, ands or buts about it," Beane said

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