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HealthWise at 5 for 5.9

  • Vitamin D is Good for Your Kidneys

Here is another reason to drink lots of milk, or at least to make sure you are getting enough Vitamin D:  researchers at the University of Washington say that may help patients with chronic kidney disease lower their risk for serious complications.  Researchers studied about 1500 chronic kidney disease patients who had not been put on dialysis.  Half of the participants were given a prescription form of Vitamin D and after 2 years, the Vitamin D group had a 20% reduced risk of needing dialysis.

  • Falling Dangerous for Babies 

According to a new report from the CDC that is published in the May 2008 issue of Pediatrics , falling is the leading cause of injuries during the first year of life and it suggests that the best way for parents to protect children from that danger is to understand the developmental milestones during that first year.  From birth to age one, babies are learning to roll over, crawl, and sometimes walk for the first time.  Researchers say that each of those milestones increases the risk of falling.  Therefore, safety measures like gates at stairs can help prevent a tragedy.  Half of the estimated 330,000 babies under age one who had to go to the emergency room for injuries from 2001 through '04 were hurt in a fall. 

  • Obesity & Pregnancy

A new study from the UK explores how obesity can affect pregnancy.  After looking at data from more than 144,000 pregnancies in Sweden, researchers found a higher body mass index during the first trimester was associated with gestational diabetes, the need for a c-section, and stillbirth.  Obese women were also more likely to have longer pregnancies, lasting as much as 42 weeks, which is 2 weeks longer than a normal pregnancy.

For more information on this study, click here.

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