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Help Authorities Locate Ernest Zavala

Authorities suspect he's hiding in Lubbock, and investigators say he could be dangerous. Now, they're hoping your tips can land Ernest Ray Zavala behind bars.  

Lubbock County investigator say folks could be helping him hide from the law, so they've asked NewsChannel 11's Most Wanted to profile this case.

Zavala is wanted on a parole violation.  Authorities suspect he's connected to a burglary ring, busted open last week. The arrest of two teenagers in Lubbock County last Friday led investigators to a home in the city.  They found thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods, and arrested Zavala on an unrelated warrant.  He bonded out before more charges could be filed.

Zavala's already been charged with burglary back in 2004. We've also learned he was convicted of assault for causing bodily injury to a family member back in 2003.

Lubbock County investigators want him off the streets. If you know how to find 25-year-old Ernest Ray Zavala, call Crime Line at (806) 741-1000.

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