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Lubbock City Council Approves New Atmos Rate Plan

Atmos says the less gas you use, the more you could save on future natural gas bills.

Thursday morning, Lubbock City Council members approved a new Atmos rate system. Council member Linda DeLeon was absent for the vote.

Thursday's vote comes after nearly two years of efforts between the city and Atmos. Under the new plan the base charge will drop nearly $3 and the less gas you use could save you money. 

Councilman John Leonard said, "Theoretically if you use none, your bill could go down. Or if you use very little your bill could go down. It gives the customer, our citizens, a little bit more control over their bill."

It's a bill that, after Thursday's city council vote, Lubbock residents will soon see a change on. Atmos says the base charge drops from $9.95 a month down to $7, a savings of more than $35 a year. But that's not all.

"The delivery fee, which is the commodity fee on your bill, will go up slightly," Dan Alderson, the Director of Public Affairs for the West Texas Division of Atmos, said.

Alderson says that delivery cost has yet to be determined and will be presented to the city council in June. However, Alderson tells us you still should not pay more for heat this winter.

"In the winter there gas bills are going to be a little higher. But again, the base charge is a little lower so if they can conserve energy, even though their consumption is going up in the winter because they're heating their homes and businesses, this plan allows for those savings to benefit the customer," Alderson explained.

Yet these changes do not protect you from the ever-rising price of natural gas, as the utility company cannot make a profit on that part of your bill.

"They still may pay more than they did last year just because the price of gas could go up. Neither the city or Atmos will get credit for that," Councilman Jim Gilbreath said.

"Use less, we'll have a cheaper base charge, we'll work with you and show you how to conserve and hopefully with all those components together you'll see a savings," Alderson said.

This three-year agreement with the city calls for a yearly review and includes an annual $100,000 donation to the city's home weatherization program. Atmos says it will absorb the past two years of suggested rate hikes, saving each customer $12 a year. The plan takes effect on October 1st.

For some tips on how to conserve energy, (click here) or on the link below.

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