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FDA Proposes New Sunscreen Guidelines

Your sunscreen might not be giving you the protection you need. That's because the SPF number on the label refers to protection against ultra-violet "B" rays, which are the ones that give you sunburn.

Now, with more evidence that ultra-violet "A" or UVA rays are also damaging, the FDA has proposed a new label that warns about UVA rays as well. Sunscreens would still have an SPF number but also a separate UVA rating, from one to four stars.

Jennifer Cather, M.D., a dermatologist, says, "They can penetrate into your skin and they have been linked with photo-aging wrinkles."

The FDA is also proposing a crackdown on terms like "waterproof" and "sweat proof" because it says those claims can be misleading.

We will have more information as the guidelines become clearer.


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