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David Miller's Top 9 Accomplishments as Lubbock Mayor

  1. 100-year water plan finalized. Lake Alan Henry plan moved up. (See "Buck Stops Here" on his website at www.davidmillerformayor.com for full explanation.)
  2. Full funding for police and firefighters. (Again, see "Buck Stops Here" on website for full explanation.)
  3. City's financial state is sound - now boasting the best bond rating in history, which means lower interest rates.
  4. LP&L is now in position to pay its franchise fees.
  5. 10-year street repair and maintenance program adopted and carried out.
  6. 20-year master plan for airport adopted and begun.
  7. Centennial committee appointed and celebration well underway to honor city's 100th birthday.
  8. Completion of master plan for downtown redevelopment/beginning of construction for Overton Park Hotel and Conference Center.
  9. Strengthened partnerships with multiple entities including Tech, LCU, LISD, Chamber, LEDA, Reese Center, Wayland, South Plains College and all County Commissioners.
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