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The Magic Jack: Does It Work?

Whoever coined the phrase "talk is cheap" may finally be right.  The makers of this little device called Magic Jack promise to magically make your phone bills disappear.  "Hi Jim, it's Ned," said our tester.

Ned Fleming is willing to give it a shot.  "I call all over the U.S. for business," he said.  So, the promise of free calls within the U.S. and Canada is tempting. 

All you have to do is plug Magic Jack into the USB port of your computer. Then connect any corded, cordless or portable phone to the Magic Jack.  Next, fill in registration information that pops up on your computer screen. Get a phone number and you are ready to make calls like you normally do.

"I was just seeing if it worked with you and you are clear as a bell," said Ned.  Besides business calls, Ned will use Magic Jack to stay in touch with his daughter Cate, who goes to college in Miami.   "I know you want to get back to studying, so I'll let you go."

The Magic Jack attachment cost $40.  That includes your first year of local and long distance calls. Then, it's $20 a year after that.  And that's all you pay - no monthly bills.

"Normally you get a bill on your cell phone, and x amount of minutes, and rollover. But this is excellent,' said Ned.  And Magic Jack also includes free features like call waiting, call forwarding and voice mail.  It is technology that will save you money.  "A new wave of tools that are coming on," said Ned.

Magic Jack requires a broadband internet connection.  Click here to buy your own.

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