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Botox Bars Popping Up in California

here is a new popular shot at a San Diego bar that people are craving, but it is not what you think.  The shot is Botox and, yes, at least in California it has moved from the doctor's office to private parties at home.

Patti Nordengreen, owner of Winestyles Bar in San Diego, says, "I think we're the first to be doing the Botox and bubbly."

Botox is best known for its wrinkle reducing injections. The fact is, though, that Botox is a potent drug and can have side effects. 

Plastic surgeons advise three rules. Dennis Bucko, M.D., cosmetic surgeon, warns, "Make sure however you can that it is Botox, and that the person who's injecting it has had experience and training and is licensed to do it.  And thirdly, that it's done in an environment that's safe."

Doctors say the Botox craze may be a situation where cost really counts. If it seems under-priced, or just too good of a deal, Dr. Bucko says to be leery: instead of the real thing, you might be getting a fake or watered-down product.

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