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Dennis Quaid Testifies on Capitol Hill Wednesday

Actor Dennis Quaid stirred up a lot of emotion Wednesday on Capitol Hill.  He told the story of the hospital drug mix-up that almost claimed the lives of his newborn twins last November.

Quaid said that, "Their blood was basically turned to the consistency of water, and, um, severely bruised and bleeding out of every place they'd been poked and prodded, and they had made it.  It made me feel they had survived for a reason."

Quaid is suing Baxter Healthcare, maker of the blood thinner Heparin, which comes in two virtually identical vials.  One vial is 10 milligrams and the other is 10,000.  Baxter argues that it should not be liable for the mix-up because the FDA approved its packaging.

Mr. Quaid is advocating the use of bar code scanning systems to keep track of medications.  He says that if works in every supermarket in America it can work hospitals use it too.

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