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Making Your Plastic Surgery Easier on Your Kids

In the last 10 years, surgical plastic surgery procedures have increased by 114%. That includes changing the size of the nose or breasts, face-lifts, even hair transplantation, things that may really change the look of someone you know. That is why one plastic surgeon has written a book for children, in light of his daughter's reaction to him having a nose job. 

Dr. Michael Salzhauer, M.D., a cosmetic surgeon, says, "...and she started to cry hysterically, said 'Daddy what happened? What's wrong?' And I probably scarred her for life by not telling her in advance what to expect."

University of North Carolina psychologist Cynthia Bulik, specializes in body image and eating disorders. She advises parents to keep the focus away from appearance as much as possible.  Dr.  Bulik, Ph.D., advises parents to tell their children, "This is just something about myself that I'm a little uncomfortable with, and I'm doing this to make myself more comfortable."

Dr. Bulik advises parents to avoid using words like pretty or ugly, just say that you are making this change to feel more comfortable. The conversation can be tricky if mom or dad chooses to "fix" the trait that runs in the family. She also says to be ready to answer difficult questions. The hardest question may be "Why do you want to change the way you look?"

The book is My Beautiful Mommy and it is designed for families in which someone has decided to have plastic surgery that will change their appearance.


If you would like more information on the book,  (click here).

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