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Lubbockites React to FBI Raid At City Hall

The FBI raid of city hall is causing discussion across Lubbock and prompted the city manager to release a letter to all residents about Lubbock moving forward.

Some residents said...

  • "I thought it really piqued my interest to find out what's going on."
  • "It doesn't scare me but it does concern me anytime the FBI gets involved."
  • "It embarrass me and I think it's par for the course in Lubbock, Texas."

It's reactions like those to the city hall raid that prompted Lubbock City Manager Lee Ann Dumbauld to issue a letter to all city residents.

In the letter Dumbauld said:

I want to assure each of you that this city and all of its employees remain committed to open government, fair dealing, and public service. Each of us believe that we are individually responsible for delivering top service while judiciously guarding the public purse. We will continue to run a professional organization of high moral caliber. You can count on us - I promise! 

Dumbauld went on to say the city will continue to put out fires, patrol the streets, put the bad guys behind bars, and run the buses on time, just to name a few.

"I think there's more confusion as opposed to frustration. At least that's the sense I'm getting from my listeners," says Wade Wilkes with "The Wade Wilkes Show" on AM580.

Wilkes took calls from listeners all morning on his show Thursday morning.

"The listeners this morning are not surprised by the FBI raid. But the sense I am getting off the air, as well as me, is the sense that they don't really know where to go," Wilkes said.

Where to go, Wilkes says, for information to form some sort of an opinion about what actually happened at city hall to prompt an FBI raid.

"This is such a fluid situation and there's really not a lot of hard facts out there," Wilkes added.

"I don't know to be frustrated yet because I want to see what the results of the investigation come out to be," added one Lubbockite.

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Entire Search Warrant Issued by U.S. Magistrate Judge Nancy Koenig
FBI agents confiscate boxes of city records in a raid on Lubbock City Hall.  (You will need Acrobat to open this file.)

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