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One Mayor Says Goodbye, As Another Starts Work

He's been on the job less than 24 hours and already Lubbock's new mayor is booked with meetings.

Tom Martin was sworn in as Lubbock's 34th Mayor just after 9 a.m. Friday morning at a special City Council meeting. NewsChannel 11's has learned that shortly after being sworn in, Martin began briefings with the city in preparation for next week.

It was just days after the FBI raided Lubbock City Hall but on Friday it seems the swirl of controversy downtown had died down. Instead many celebrated as one mayor passed the gavel to another.

It was nearly impossible to find a seat in City Council chambers Friday morning, as many came to watch firsthand a change of leadership at City Hall. City Secretary Becky Garza read Saturday's election results followed by approval by the council. 

For his final task as Lubbock Mayor, David Miller led this special city council meeting. Before leaving office, he thanked those who supported him over the last two years. Together, Miller said, they accomplished much for the city.

"We now have a 100 year water plan that has been finalized and water from Lake Allen Henry will begin flowing into your taps the first part of 2012," Miller said. "We've completed a master plan for the redevelopment of the downtown."

Miller then wished Tom Martin luck in overcoming what he says, is the city's biggest challenge.

"Mayor Martin I hope you do a better job than we were able to do of telling the story," Miller said. "There are so many good things happening here at City Hall yet it gets over shadowed by so much of the conflict."

Miller closed saying, "It's been an honor to serve you and now it's time to turn to the more important parts of today, the swearing in. Tom, will you and Karen come up?"  

"We're going to do it down here," Tom Martin responded.  "Tom always wants it his way; he's going to do it down there," Miller said.

 Karen Martin held the family bible as her husband was sworn-in as mayor.

"Thanks to all the voters," Martin said.

 Martin then shared some of his goals as mayor.

"To encourage communication, cooperation and respect among City Council, city staff and employees, city boards and most importantly Lubbock citizens," Martin said. 

Martin added, "We'll begin our work next week and I promise to work hard for the citizens of Lubbock. Thank you very much."

Martin will head his first official city council meeting next Thursday.

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