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Good News for Soldiers Returning from War

The government has announced a major expansion of free mental health aid for U.S. soldiers returning home from war.  Studies show that nearly 40% of soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq are suffering from psychological problems and mental health services are in short supply.

 The American Psychiatric Foundation, the Lilly Foundation, and the non-profit group "Give an Hour" are joining to solve this problem, providing free mental health care to every soldier in need.  One hour at a time. Dr. Barbara Romberg, founder of "Give an Hour", says, "we really need to do a lot of public education even though america understands that these men and women are coming back and many of them are suffering they don't understand really what they're suffering from or what they can do to help."

The American Psychiatric Foundation says there is an average of 18 suicides per day among America's war veterans.

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