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Consider This... Why the FBI Spectacle?

Last week's FBI "raid" on City Hall took many of us by surprise and has left us all with more questions than answers.

You'll recall close to 30 agents from all over converged on City Hall unannounced last week. They brought orders from a judge to take thousands and thousands of documents.

So for the first time in history, the FBI blew into City Hall, took over, and the media was invited to come take pictures of it all.

So consider this, why the public spectacle? If the FBI wanted certain documents, why didn't they just ask the city manager and attorney to turn them over? Did we really need a sealed search and seizure warrant and what were they looking for? Unfortunately, we may never know exactly. The FBI doesn't usually brief the public on their investigations until indictments are handed down.

And what about indictments? Rumors are flying about former council members, insurance providers, bid rigging, corruption, you name it. I suspect no one but the FBI has any real idea at this point. Hopefully, time will tell.

Whatever happens, I think the citizens of Lubbock deserve the truth. Let's hope we get it soon so the cloud of suspicion and controversy can blow away from our fine city.

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