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Wednesday's Winds Leave Damage Across Lubbock

Thursday, clean up continued across Lubbock after 65 mile-per-hour winds quickly swept across the area on Wednesday. The winds blew off roofs, uprooted trees and left many neighborhoods with unexpected clean-up.

"I've been here for 52 years and have seen a lot of wind storms but nothing like that," said Lubbockite Dale Blevins.

The winds gusting up to and sustaining at nearly 70 miles per hour hit the city of Lubbock and outlying areas for more than 20 minutes Wednesday night. And they left damage like uprooted trees, blown off roofs and downed phone polls and lines.

"My wife came out and got me and brought me back and showed me this..," Blevins is talking about his tree which is lying on his neighbor's house.

Now all that there is left to do is cut it down.

"Save some of it for firewood and the rest of it, we'll have hauled away," said Blevins.

But his tree isn't unique to the damage. The Sudsy Springs Carwash sustained this damage. The roof was ripped off and tossed like a playing card into 86th Street, just one more piece of evidence showcasing Mother Nature's fury.

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