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Help for High Heeled Sufferers

If you have to wear high heels but can't tolerate the pain, there's a new treatment that's already popular in New York and Los Angelas.  They are called "Foot Pillows".  

 It is not something you buy at the drug store; you get them by going to a Podiatrist for an injection.   Doctors inject "Sculptra" into the feet to puff up the bottom of the foot.   Dr. Cynthia Marzouka-Lousito, a Podiatrist, says, "You recover immediately, we inject you today, you walk out with a plump foot immediately.   We have fat right here, and what happens is when you lose the fat, you're walking on the bones. And imagine your whole body weight on your foot, along with gravity.  Put those two together and that's where all the pain comes from."

The foot is numbed and in goes the Polyllactic Acid, which has been used for years in dissolvable stitches, a treatment that typically lasts eight months to a year.   It's important to massage the foot during the next 24 hours.  

Soon after the injection, you can walk out of the office pain free with new cushions in your feet. Sculptra is not just for women in stilettos.  Men are getting foot pillows too. The biggest drawback may be that the procedure costs about $1000 per foot.   


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