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Family of Murder Victim Speaks Out 21-Years After Crime

"Everybody is calling and wanting to know what is going on and if we've heard anything else. It's just like it happened again yesterday," said Lorene Taylor, murder victim Veronica Taylor's Aunt.

The yesterday she is referring to happened on March 26, 1987, the day Veronica's body was found.

An Idalou banker, on his way to work, discovered a dead body. It wasn't hard to spot with a fresh layer of snow blanketing the ground. The body found on the ground that cold March morning just after 7 a.m. was the body of that lovely, kind hearted girl, Veronica Taylor, just 13 years old at the time.

"She loved to help all of us baby sit our kids when we were at work, even her own brothers and sisters," Lorene said.

The medical examiner at the time reported Veronica had been strangled and sexually assaulted, but even after all that, it was one single blow to the back of Veronica's head that killed her.

"All kinds of thoughts went through your head of what the motive was and just a lot of unanswered questions," Lorene said.

But that was then. Fast forward two decades and medical examiners and police investigators have another tool at their disposal - DNA.

"They've been saying that they have some new leads, some stuff that they didn't have back doing DNA and different things," said Lorene.

"We want to make sure the family knows we haven't forgotten this case. We have investigators that have recently come up with a little more information. They're tying this case together and we feel it is certainly a solvable case," said Major Don Carter with the Lubbock Sheriff's Department.

"You can't give up on hope. Even though it seemed like nothing was being done or nothing was happening. If you just keep a little hope and a little faith alive, something will happen," Added Lorene.

One bit of sadness for the family is that both of Veronica's parents have also died. Her mother was hit and killed by a drunk driver just two years after veronica was murdered. But the family believes that when this case is finally solved, Veronica's parents will know and they'll be happy.

As for now investigators say since they brought this case back to the public's attention this week they have received several calls. They say they are working on new leads and like you heard in that story they believe this case will be solved.

If you have any information that can help solve this case, please give Crimeline a call at (806) 741-1000

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