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People Gather at the Veteran's Memorial to Pay Respect

About 50 people gathered on Monday at the Veterans Memorial to pay their respect for those who have fought for and died for this country. 

The American Legion hosted the event and they urged the crowd to be there for those families who had lost loved ones.

"I came today because this is the first Memorial Day since my husband died the 13th of April," said Verniece Stevens.  Stevens came to the Veterans Memorial not only to honor her husband, but her younger brother as well. She was joined by her daughter and great-granddaughter.

Stevens' great-granddaughter 10-year old Keri Enos waved her flag in honor of her late great grandfather and others. "I'm here to show respect to my family members and other people," said Enos.   

A short program was held by the American Legion to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Post Commander Joe Kelley says he appreciates when the community comes out. "It's humbling.  It's very humbling to see things like this going," said Kelley.

After the program people walked around the memorial looking at all the different names of those who served.  Steven's took time to look at her husband's brick.  "I feel proud, proud that he served," said Stevens. 

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