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Consider This... Your Help Is Needed

Floyd Price & Armando Gonzales Floyd Price & Armando Gonzales
Paul Beane & Jerry Bell Paul Beane & Jerry Bell

Two very important runoff elections are underway and many of you now get to decide who will represent you at City Hall.

For those living in City Council District 2, your attention is needed to choose between incumbent Floyd Price and challenger Armando Gonzales. In District 4, your choice is Paul R. Beane or Jerry Bell.

Historically, run-off elections have lower turn out than general elections but it doesn't have to be that way.

Consider this, if you are registered to vote in districts two or four, make a decision to cast your ballot early. It takes just a few minutes and you can do it at most United Supermarkets. And if you're not sure what district you are in, click here to view a pdf version of the district map.

You can get more information about all four candidates so you can be an informed voter by clicking here.

So get out and help choose our leaders.  After all, a smart man once told me if I choose not to vote, I shouldn't complain about the decisions that are made.

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