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Hail, Rain, & Winds Hit The South Plains

Storms started popping up in the Lubbock area around 5:00 p.m. Tuesday. Hail pounded parts of the city, including at 19th and the East Loop.

Lubbock Police closed I-27 at the North Loop after torrential rains flooded the viaduct. Water reached at tractor trailer's headlights as it plowed through.

NewsChannel 11 Meteorologist Cary Allen caught a wall cloud moving through the Ransom Canyon area. His video showed a funnel forming.  While no tornado formed, strong winds blew down the Clovis Highway, causing damage.

"Well, basically the tree just fell over on top of the house; it's been uprooted out of the ground," Joseph Martinez said. 

He lives in the 2800 Block of Emory Street in Lubbock.  A tree blew over onto his home.

"It was bad. I work at Texas Tech, and it was flooded. Got off about 5:30 p.m. and it took me about an hour to get off campus because it was so flooded out there. I come home and walk up to this. Now, I'm just hoping it doesn't bust a huge hole in my roof."

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