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The Green Bags Results: Does It Work?

Let me catch you up to speed if you missed Does It Work three weeks ago. I bought two of everything; bananas, tomatoes, broccoli, strawberries and lettuce. I split them up and put half in the green bags and left the other half in its grocery bag or just out in the open, like these bananas.

In six days, the bananas looked like this. The ones left out in the open turned brown, but check out the bananas in the green bags.  They only have a few brown spots and stayed yellow. When 14 days passed, I checked on the lettuce and strawberries.  The lettuce left in its original packaging turned slimy and brown.  But the lettuce in the green bags looked fresh. I could really see the difference with the strawberries.  The ones left in the plastic container were squishy and even the green leaves turned crusty and brown.  But the ones in the green bags looked like it kept its color better and they were more firm.  The leaves were soft and very green. Finally, 21 days went by and I had to check on our last two veggies; tomatoes and broccoli.

I took them out of their bags and immediately could tell which tomato was in which bag. The wrinkled tomato was left in the grocery bag and this nice firm one was in the green bags. The wrinkled tomato was also very squishy, where as the other one wasn't.  I was very surprised to see the broccoli results. The ones in the green bags didn't fair to well. It is on the right and you can see it was discolored, whereas the ones on the left that were in the grocery sack.

Here's what some of you had to say; Lisa wrote, "I love them and could never stop using them."

Chris wrote, "I have been using the green bags for several weeks and find them to work very well."

Tammie wrote, "I really like them."

Mitzi who did her own test at home wrote, "I was disappointed in this product."

Billie wrote, "They're awesome."

Four out of five of you said you liked them and I'm going to have to agree with the majority because the Green Bags really do work!

The secret to the success of this product is to wipe away any moisture that builds up over time.  The makers say a dry bag will give you better results.

You can buy them for $10 at Bed Bath and Beyond. 


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