CMN Miracle Kid: M'Mitt Coombs

M'Mitt Coombs, a brave little cowboy from Hobbs, NM, is just two years old.

M'Mitt is taking a break from his big truck toys, not because he wants to, but because he has too.

"Does it hurt?" Cecelia asked. "Yeah," M'Mitt said.

He has to go to the doctor's office. "I got burned," said M'Mitt.

M'Mitt's mother, Daydra, remembers what happened all too well.

"It was January 24th at 3:15. He was at my mother-in-law's house.  He was trying to help her close the microwave - she'd made some cream of wheat," said Daydra.

That bowl of hot cereal, which was only in the microwave for two minutes, fell right on top of M'Mitt.

"His ear his face on both sides his chin, above his eye he had big blisters lips were huge. His chest stomach, both arms, hands -- it was awful," said Daydra.

"I'm sure no mother wants to go through that," Cecelia said. "No," Daydra replied.

M'Mitt was rushed to the Hobbs hospital, but it was later discovered that his burns were bad enough that he needed special care at the Children's Hospital at UMC.  UMC has the only burn unit in the region of a 360 mile radius.   In 2007, 77 children were treated for burns of some sort.

"Probably 75 percent of that would be scald injuries from either food or bathtub issues," said Cynthia Hester, RN.

Cynthia Hester is a registered nurse for the burn intensive care unit. She says kids need to stay out of the kitchen when you're cooking.

And in M'Mitt's case, "hot cereal sticks to the skin. These kids have such frail, thin skin that it doesn't take much to sustain a really bad burn injury from it," said Cynthia.

M'Mitt's doctor's office visits don't seem to bother him.  And in two months, he's made a full recovery.  Daydra was told his scars are going to be very minimal. And she's grateful for the care he's received and for the Children's Miracle Network.

"You can trust them at the burn center," Daydra said.

This is a great story to remind parents they should be really careful in the kitchen. M'Mitt was burned by hot cereal that had only been heated for two minutes, which is enough to do a lot of damage, like second degree burns.

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