CMN Miracle Kid: Treasure Downing

Six-year-old Treasure Downing was diagnosed with lymphoma last year. This came after losing both his mother and grandmother to cancer the year before that.

The experts at UMC's Children's Hospital removed Treasure's tumor and several lymph nodes. His road to recovery was great until it hit a huge bump in the road.

"Everything was good, but you do follow up with spinal taps, where they take out some of his spinal fluid, and that's when it came back from pathology that his lymphoma was now in his central nervous system. And that's scary - that's very scary - because it's not something that can easily be cured," said Heather Donaghey, RN, a Southwest Cancer Center oncology nurse.

But Treasure's story has a happy ending and we'll share that with you this weekend during our 25th Annual Children's Miracle Network broadcast.

We'll also show you an unexpected detour on Treasure's road to recovery - one that took him to the place of his dreams and the reason he has been given the nickname "Truckin' Treasure".

The live CMN broadcast begins Saturday at 3 p.m. and will wrap up Sunday at 5:30 p.m. right here on NewsChannel 11.

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