Spray Foam with Conventional Stick-Built or Steel Frame Construction:

Using stick or steel framing with a spray foam insulation application, property owners will achieve very favorable results and it is a very attractive alternative. The spray foam insulation process can be applied using 'open cell' or 'closed cell' formulations. Both products use a two-part spray polyurethane system.

These products are applied by spraying the backside of the exterior walls before the sheetrock goes up, but after all the plumbing, electrical wiring, etc. It goes on as a heated liquid and then quickly expands, completely filling every open space, around every pipe, electrical outlet or light switch, and windows.

The spray foam cures within seconds providing temperature, sound and condensation control in one fast application. It simultaneously insulates and creates an air and sound barrier. When good caulking techniques are added, the result is a virtually air-tight structure and you can begin to realize the benefits of "Ultra Energy-Efficient" construction by having successfully achieved two of the four required components.