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Authorities Raid Home and Businesses of Tahoka School Board Member

Local, state and federal officers raided the home and business of a Tahoka School Board member. Authorities entered Joe Calvillo's home, his bail bond and eight-liner businesses last night. Thursday those businesses are closed, which comes after months of investigation.

When a handful of federal, state and local law enforcement show up on your block and it's hard not to notice.

"In 1984 we had two streakers. This is about the best thing since the two streakers," Denny Belew said.

Belew has lived in Tahoka for 25 years and currently lives down the street from Joe Calvillo. He says when agents arrived at Calvillo's home many came out to see the action.

"We hadn't had this much traffic on this street in five years," Belew said.

Belew says several officers were at Calvillo's home around 7 p.m. Wednesday night.

"I was standing in my yard and around the corner came a bunch of people in bulletproof vests," Belew said. Belew says authorities parked on the side on the house, and then went inside.

"What I saw were just standard cars. Then the highway patrol showed up and the Tahoka Police department showed up," Belew said.

Both local and federal authorities also executed a search warrant at the Lucky Seven game room which had several eight-liner liners inside.

"There's some things that the machines will do, what the business will do, when you combine a lot of those things then there is illegal activity and that's the result of it. There are state laws that prohibit that as well as local laws," Corporal John Gonzalez with DPS said.

Authorities also raided a bail bond business, also owned by Calvillo.

Neighbor Ty Askew said, "He's a farmer, has a trucking outfit. He is a part owner in a club in Lubbock, lots of things."

Calvillo's involvement also includes a 13-year membership on the Tahoka ISD School Board where he sits as vice president. Tahoka ISD Superintendent Jimmy Parker declined to go on camera but tells NewsChannel11 if something happens that requires the board to take legal action, be assured they will do that. Parker says at this time none has been taken.

Authorities will not say what evidence was taken in the raid, only that no eight-liners were seized from Lucky Seven.  "No one was arrested or charged formally at this time," Corporal Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez says Tahoka Police started the investigation, which is currently ongoing at this time. For Your Cell Phone
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