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HealthWise at 5 for 5.30

  • Buckle up for Baby

Forget the myth about seatbelts being unsafe for pregnant women.  Moms-to-be should buckle up for their babies' safety.  Researchers at the University of Michigan found that 200 fetuses could be saved each year if pregnant women buckled up every time they were in a car.

In a crash study, when women weren't belted in, 80% of the crashes resulted in fetal death or major complications.  The scientists say their research proves that the lap belt actually protects the fetus. 

  • Superhuman Contacts

A contact lens that offers superhuman vision may seem like something from the future.  Well, the future is now.  Scientists at the University of Washington have created a contact lens with lights and an electric circuit.  They hope to create a finished device that allows pilots and drivers to see a vehicle's speed projected on the windshield.

The prototype doesn't correct vision, but can be worn on a corrective lens.  In animal studies, there were no adverse effects, but a wearable version of the prototype for humans is still years away. 

  • Moms' Teeth

Researchers at NYU surveyed more than 2600 women and found that the more children a woman has, the greater her chance of losing her teeth.  They are not sure why- but their simple theory is that the more kids a mom has, the less time she spends on her own health.

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