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HealthWise at 5 From 7.1

  • Faslodex for Breast Cancer

The first time in three years, the FDA has approved a new breast cancer drug. It's called Faslodex and it's for women whose advanced breast cancer has become resistant to Tamoxifen. Patients receive Faslodex by injection each month. That schedule helps doctors make sure their patients are complying with treatment and may also make treatment more convenient for some women.

Experts warn that Faslodex can harm a fetus, so pregnant women and those trying to conceive should not take it.

  • Mantras and Breathing

Rhythmic speech, such as yoga mantra or Rosary prayer, can have a positive effect on your body. That's the word of Italian researchers who studied nearly two dozen healthy men and women. Subjects were asked to repeat either a prayer or a mantra six times per minute. Then experts recorded their breathing rates, blood pressure, and circulation in the brain. The result? Researchers found there were mental, and possibly physical, benefits to the speech rhythms.

  • Aloe Allure

For years, we've known that an Aloe plant's gel can relieve the pain of a burn. Now, researchers at Texas A&M say that same gel can speed the healing of wounds. They discovered that a sugar in the plant can reduce inflammation and stimulate the formation of new blood vessels. However, in a study of rats, researchers noted that Aloe worked well on older rats but did nothing for younger ones.

So they say now that in caring for elderly patients, it may help to dab some fresh Aloe gel daily to help heal minor cuts and scrapes.

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