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CMN Huge Success For South Plains Kids

The 25th annual Children's Miracle Network Telethon has wrapped up. And each year The South Plains community comes out to support the University Medical center Childrens Hospital with generous donations of life saving money. This year was no exception. This years telethon goal was an astounding $1 million. And the people across the south plains did what they did every year, they blew that total out of the water raising  more than $1.2 million.

"it is such a good feeling to be able to raise the money and give them that and say, merry Christmas, buy what you need to help kids... That's a great feeling," said Karin and Abner.

Newschannel 11's very own Karin and Abner hosted the CMN Celebration. This was their 25th anniversary telethon.

"We were hoping 25 years ago that the community would accept this. Now everybody understands CMN , accepts it and looks forward to it ever year."

Karin and Abner are the longest running host team in the country. But they say it's not about them, It's about the kids, their families and the miracles made because of the viewers.

"All across the country people look at west Texas as a giving part of the country and each year they look and see how much people here give to CMN and the children hospital and it's astounding. They're surprised because they say, well how big is Lubbock? we're not surprised because we know how generous people here are," said Karin and Abner.

"it's just an amazing feeling to see the generosity of our donors across the south plains, of course, everyone at KCBD, Karin and Abner being the number one team in town, we're just so blessed to have everyone with us now for 25 years and to see those amazing totals." Britt Pharris heads up c-m-n here in Lubbock," added Britt Pharris with CMN.

"We're already looking at 2009, we start planning right now for that. And we look forward to a hefty goal next year and to all of our good folks to joining in just to celebrate what our miracle families and what our amazing miracle kids go through everyday," said Britt.

"We'd just like to do a little better than we did this year.... That's what we like to do every year," said Karin and Abner.

Ever the 25 years of CMN in Lubbock - the south plains has raised more than $11 million for children and families whose lives have been saved at UMC's Childrens Hospital.

"The most amazing thing to us is how these miracle families open up to tell the story. These are very personal struggles and they go public because they want folks to understand what is being done with cmn money. And we just can't thank those families enough," Added Karin and Abner.

CMN continues to change and save lives now 25 years and counting. For Your Cell Phone
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