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City Council District Four Candidates Talk Issues

In Lubbock City Council District Four, two men, Jerry Bell and Paul Beane are vying for a seat on council.

What are the three issues most on the minds of District Four residents?

"The three things that I hear the most are water, water, water as number one," Bell said.

"I answered this question the other day by saying water, water, water," Beane said.

Both also vow to be part of a city council that will come together to work for the people who pay the bills - the citizens, and also to make Lubbock a progressive city and a great place to live.

So with the issues being the same for each. What are the differences? Who should District Four voters vote for?

"There's a defining campaign issue that is different, dramatically different between my opponent and myself, and it's called judgment," Bell said.

Bell cited the fact that Beane has campaign contributors involved in the city's health insurance lawsuit and the FBI investigation.

"He's more or less a city hall insider. He's done business with the city of Lubbock for many, many years and like I said continues to do so today. I've never done a penny's worth of businesses with the City of Lubbock. I never will," Beane said.

One reason voters should go to the polls:

"I would encourage everyone, exercise your right, decide who you want to represent you for the next four years and move this city forward," Bell said.

"I would ask my supporters to turn out one more time and cast one more vote for smaller government, low taxes and common sense solutions and plain talk," Beane said.

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