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Citibus Ridership Soars

More and more people are leaving their cars parked at home, and are taking advantage of city transportation.     

Donna Inman owns two trucks, but every morning she waits for the bus to get to work.

"It's just too expensive to drive cars now. So this is the best way to go," said Inman.

She says with the gas prices the way they are she will not be filling her trucks up anytime soon. 

"I'm working on it, but it's going to be sitting there for awhile until the gas prices go down," said Inman.

Director of Planning for Citibus Melinda Harvey says ridership has increased significantly in the last year.

"We can really, really see the impact that fuel prices have had on our ridership. Typically in Lubbock people that ride the bus are people that don't have a car, but what we are seeing now are more people that do have cars but have decided that they can't afford to drive them any longer or they just prefer not to pay $4.00 a gallon for gas," said Harvey. 

Since last year alone Citibus has seen its biggest increase in 10 years of more than 64,000 riders, and that's after a decrease from 2006 to 2007.   

"Even with our 25% fare increase our ridership is still up 13% so that's really a huge increase and we can see every time fuel prices go up, our ridership inches up as little more as well," said Harvey. 

Inman says she doesn't know when she will use her trucks again, but the Citibus transportation is just fine for now.    

"I go pay bills and go to recreation and just everywhere I need to go," said Inman.

Citibus is also trying to save money on gas. They are in the process of getting a new hybrid bus in the next year. Harvey says they would like to eventually go to all energy efficient buses. 

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